"Grazie a Dio è Venerdì” represents one of the best examples of culinary tradition of our Country since 20 years.
In fact here you can try and taste the original "roman pizza": thin, crisp, digestible and cooked in wood-fired oven. Besides one the most ancient of the city, once used ti make bread. Warm welcome founders, Fabrizio and Enzo, ensure the choice of every ingredient: the best flours, the yeast dosed to help digestibility, iodizet salt, extra virgin olive oil and original Buffalo Mozzarella and all sort of other ingredients necessary to create always new proposals.
Art of making pizza is also noticeable in other meals like our home-made sweets and the typical "Pizzo Calabro's Ice Cream", famous since sixties like one of the best products in Italy and Europe.
All of this makes " grazie a dio è venerdi" one of the main restaurant of Rome and meeting point for a great number of italian people and strangers from all over the world.

In our restaurant you can taste our best national beers:

birra morettiBirra Moretti : It's the classical italian lager, of low fermentation and refreshing. Brewers use raw materials of great quality to product it, such as a mixture of hops that give a unique flavor and a moderate bitter aftertaste. Alcohol level is 4,6° and you can taste it in every part of the day.


birra moretti Birra Moretti La RossaIt's an amber double malt, Bock style, produced using 100% a mixture of barley malt of great quality roasted in different temperatures. This mixture, prized hops and the particular style of working, give to the beer the typical red colour, a perfect taste of caramel, coffee, liquorice and red fruits. Alcohol level is 7,2% vol.

birra moretti Birra Moretti Doppio MaltoIt' a double malt lager beer of high fermentation which is one of the most appreciated Strong Ale. Although it has high alcohol level (7% vol) is a drinkable and pleasant beer.