toast and scamorza

Toast: Anchovies (mozzarella, anchovies), Ham (mozzarella, ham), Mushrooms (mozzarella, mushrooms), Ham and Mushrooms (mozz., ham, mushrooms), Olive Paste (mozzarella, olive paste), Pate Artichokes (mozzarella, pate artichokes), Salmon (mozzarella, salmon), 4 Cheeses (moz., gorgonzola, fontina, emmenthal), Zucchini Flowers (mozz., zuc. flowers, anchovies), Porcini Mushrooms (mozzarella, porcini mushrooms), Grazie a Dio è Venerdì (mixed);

Scamorza (Hot Cheese): Grilled (only scamorza); with Ham; with Mushrooms; with Mushrooms and Ham; with Olive Paste; with Pate Artichokes; with Salmon; with 4 Cheese (scam., gorgonzola, fontina, emmenthal); with Zucchini Flowers (zuc. flowers, anchovies); with Rocket and Pachino Tomatoes; with Porcini Mushrooms (mozz., porcini mushrooms);