"we invite people,ideas and arts with the same care with which we give them nourishment"

The restaurant is in the middle of Rione Monti, faces on the silent Piazza degli Zingari, a place that reminds a small medieval village.
In ancient times, gypsies used this place for their street shows, because of the good acoustics and for its position in the middle of the most ancient district of Rome.
In the fifties the place became the set of the movie "La banda degli onesti" with the immortal actor Totò. Although time goes slowly the air seems to be still, trapped in the smells of the old city.
" grazie a dio è venerdi" became synonymous of "pizza" for the quality of selected ingredients and for the core of the local: the wood-fired oven. This oven cooks the best mixtures, maintaining its original structure since the ancient district bakery from which took life. Two homely halls, painted by the contemporary artist ILIR ZEFI, welcome 75 people.